At NGHC, we believe in always striving to be better than who we were yesterday. We strongly resonate with this principle, towards which we try to push every single thought and effort from every single individual.

We understand that growth is about taking calculated risks, experimenting, constantly finding new ways to be in a position to take and engage in more opportunities in order to make our growth truly sustainable. Ultimately, it’s about forming the right synergies hence we conceived the NGI unit as a devoted vehicle to fully realize our intention to perpetually grow.


It is undisputed that sports, fitness and their peripherals make people's lives better in many ways physically, mentally, leisurely (entertainment), and socially. It is also undeniable that we, as an organization, who’s been in sport product industry for decades, have passion towards sports and, by extension, its influence on people’s lives, along with business opportunities that entail. Naturally, our investment direction is geared to support that notion strongly.

Being part of and having worked with groups that are at the pinnacle of the sports industry, we've seen many movements and decisions which have made very huge positive impacts from local to global scales.

Our tactics is largely formulated based on connecting the dots between good businesses that are well managed by people who know what they are doing. We are interested in strategic investments and partnerships that could lead to the creation of multi-platform synergies.


Our unit engages in one simple business activity which is making DEALS by investing in businesses that possess the following qualities.

Not in the sports or
the fitness industries?

We possess a very strong and long running background related to sports and fitness but we are not restricted to just making investments related to them. Our take on sports and fitness is much greater than what they offer on the surface. Ultimately, it's all about people doing things that lead to a collective improvement of quality of life and we are interested in everything related to that particular area.


We constantly aim to seek out what makes 1+1 = 3 or even more, the NGI unit doesn't exist to serve only those in need of capital but also those who has vision, believe in and are doing the same things we are. If you have an investment set up in place or an ongoing grand scheme but it's still not quite there or complete and you feel like a key ingredient is still missing, we could be that jigsaw puzzle piece that you are looking for. We have policies to co-invest or partner up in order to synergize with the lead investor.

Global, Local, Glocal

Even though our headquarter is based in Thailand with physical infrastructures spanning across only certain parts of Asia, our network is inherently global and we have partners, affiliates and friends all over the world. Everyday at NGHC, our team creates products that serve the global market and we intend to continue bringing new exciting products and services into our existing global pipeline.


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