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Company Background

1983 : The beginning of our long and robust journey

Started out in Thailand, Nonthaburi, Nice Apparel Co. Ltd. was founded by garment industry veterans who shared great understanding and passion towards apparel manufacturing. With our first production base, NAC, we had a total of 70 sewing machines under our management producing about 200K of garment pieces a year.

1990 : Our 2nd production base

We made our first expansion and started our 2nd production base, NK, in Konkaen, Thailand. At this point, our business grew 14 times the volume we achieved the first year, producing more than 7 million pieces annually.

1996 : Our 3rd production base

We made our second expansion and started our 3rd production base, NC, in Konkaen, Thailand, expanding our production volume to be 11.5 million pieces annually.

2002 : Manufacturing evolution

This year marked the very beginning of our lean journey. We changed our internal organization culture to be one that was open-minded and eager to share and learn on a continual basis. From that point onwards, we have never ceased our attempts to be one of the leading lean manufacturers in garment industry.

2004 : Earning a proof of excellence

We made it to be one of the chosen few to be included as a strategic partner of two of our valuable clients, the biggest two players of sportswear market worldwide. Being a strategic partner with them signified that our relationship has ties closely together. It was , indeed , a proof of excellence.

2005 : Our 4th production base, our first offshore operation

We started our 4th production base, NE, in China, Qingdao, exposing ourselves for more opportunities and supply chain competitive advantages.

2006 : The Leap of an apparel manufacturer

We were appointed as a member of our client's advisory board. This showed, once again, that we were one of the chosen few to be able to participate in a joint effort with some of the biggest sportswear brands to create roadmap and make sourcing decisions together.

Putting our printing center on the map

The beginning of APT, our subsidiary company focusing on providing printing services.

Our 5th production base

We started our 5th production base , NA, in Korat, Thailand.

2007 : Thailand's biggest apparel manufacturer

During this year, we were appointed as a member of our client's advisory board. That is, we were, yet again, one of the chosen few to be able to participate in a joint effort with some of the biggest sportswear brands to create roadmap and make sourcing decisions together.

Our 6th production base

We started our 6th production base , NAC2, in Konkaen, Thailand.

2008 : Our 7th production base

We started our 7th production base , NB, in Nong Bua Lam Phu, Thailand.

2010 : Uniting to be one entity

After years of growth and expansion, the group was becoming more dispersed. It was at this point that all our production bases became known as one - Nice Group Holding Corp. Even with a great number of employees and different factory locations, we united and focused in one goal � to keep delivering excellent results to our customers through understanding and performance.

2012 : Our 8th production base, tapping into Cambodia

With the addition of our Cambodian production base, KKN, to our group, we can capitalize fully on the fact that the country's labor cost is very competitive relative to others. However, we can still manage to be logistically efficient since KKN is located in Koh Kong, which is right next to Trad ,Thailand � it is only half a day drive from our Nonthaburi operation base and our major fabric suppliers.

2017 : Our 9th production base, tapping into An Giang, Vietnam.

In Summary

Nice Group Holding Corp is currently the biggest sportswear/casual wear manufacturer in Thailand with 217 million $ in revenue. We are capable of producing 37 million finished garments annually from our 8 production bases in Thailand, China, and Cambodia. Going forward, our vision is to enhance more than double of our production capacity by the year 2016 with a strong determination to keep supporting our client's continual growth.


Our company's aim is to be extraordinary across the board � through the eyes of our clients, overall industry, governmental entity, and surrounding community. These are some of the achievements that result from our commitment.

  • Industry standards / rewards

    • ISO 9001
    • C-TPAT certification (Omega co., ltd.)
    • TPM 1st runner up awards (SHARE, THTI)
  • Rewards from our clients

    • Outstanding customer service award
    • Performance award on connectivity
    • Performance award on speed
    • Quality performance award
  • Rewards from our community

    • Safety outstanding award (Nonthaburi)
    • Green industry award (Nonthaburi)
    • CSR award (Nonthaburi)
  • Rewards from government

    • Thai labor standard (Thailand labor ministry)
    • EDI electronic document award (Thailand department of foreign trade)
Production Base
Please hover on the circles to see out production bases.

NE, Chingdao, China

26 Yantai Str., Haiyang Economic and Technological Development Zone, Haiyang, Yantai, Shandong 264000 China

NB, Nongbualamphu, Thailand

183 Moo 8, Udon - Loei Road Nakhamhai, Mueangnongbualamphu, Nongbualamphu 39000

NK, Kon Kaen, Thailand

369 Moo 4, Manjakiri Road, T. Banthum, A. Mueangkhonkaen, Khonkaen 40000

NA, Nakhonratchasima, Thailand

188 Moo 4, Banpho, Mueangnakhonratchasima, Nakhonratchasima 30310

NAC, Nonthaburi, Thailand

500 Moo 2, Soi Ngamwongwan 25, Ngamwongwan Rd., Bangkhen, Mueangnonthaburi, Nonthaburi 11000, Thailand

KKN, Koh Kong, Cambodia

Special Economics Zone Koh Kong, Phum Neang Kok, Khum Pak Khlong, Srok Mondul Seyma, Koh Kong Province, Cambodia.

NAC2, Muang Phon, Thailand

149 Moo 2 Highway Number 207 Rd. Mueang Phon District Khonkaen 40120

NAC3, Chumpae, Thailand

219,333 Moo2. Mariwan Rd..Nonudom,Chumphae,Khonkaen 40130

NV, , An Giang Province, Vietnam

Plot C1 Binh Hoa Industrial Park, Binh Hoa Ward, Chau Thanh District, An Giang Province, Vietnam

General Business Direction

Over 25 years of operation, our business has truly proven to be a robust one. We have survived different economic crises: both domestic and global ones, and we have successfully dealt with apparel market fluctuation and minimized its effects on our business plan. The reasons of our achievement are the undeniably facts that we have a very strong client base and that we have solid operation to back up our service offerings to them.

Our Business Plan

In the year 2016, the group's target is to achieve sales volume of 390 millions $. In a longer term, our management team are certain that the market for sportswear and casual wear is steadily growing, considering from our existing client's growth rate. In shorts, we strongly believe that our future in this business will certainly be secured, especially by focusing on the following growth factors in the years to come.

Continual growth with existing client base

Our business relationship with the existing clients are ones that we value on a truly long term basis. We will continually find ways to develop our service to match or even exceed their expectation so as to support our mutual growth

Key performance Indices focus

The very essence of this business lies in cost, quality, and delivery performance. It is our perpetual goal to initiate more cost effective operation, better quality product, and, with shorter lead time. We constantly defy our own standard KPIs and set new ones to stimulate improvement.

Strategic production base decision

Nowadays, many production base alternatives have emerged due to more competitive labor cost, better infrastructure, increased government support, and the relief of closed door policy in general, we have to keep our eyes and our mind open. To capitalize on this trend, we have set up a new production plan in Koh Kong, Cambodia. We also have a team specifically dedicated to study the feasibility of starting up another factory in Myanmar.

However, Thailand's fundamentals as an apparel manufacturing base are undoubtedly as strong as ever - skilled labor, strong management personnel, and proximity of the fabric manufacturers are among Thailand's major strengths. We're currently utilizing those strengths to maximize the efficiency from our Thai factories and the results we have so far are, indeed, more than encouraging.

Human capital

We fully appreciate the fact that the most valuable asset if any organizations is employees. Our company is investing in human resource development to enhance employees' capability. At the same time, forming a clear career path for our employees will ensure that we are constantly in good hands and that we are ready for further success.

Management Team

Garment experts

We are, indeed, driven by a group of very exceptional personnel who can collectively act as a one stop service for our clients. Our offerings lie a world beyond typical garment OEM. We provide our clients with fabric sourcing to their preferences, product and process innovation, guideline for uncompromised quality, second to none production efficiency and more.

Synergy corporation

Apart from garment manufacturing expertise, we also have professional teams monitoring total supply chain management, sales, managerial accounting, corporate financing, HR and in-house IT system development to ensure that our operations are always robust.

International in nature

Among our staffs, we have people from different corners of the world who have working experience in several environments to ensure that we are more than comfortable working with any business culture.

Operation Team
  • Systematic training programs developed and handled by experts in production fields
  • Trained and supervised to understand our clients' requirements
  • Laboratory approach � constantly experiment for better approaches
    • Increasing efficiency
    • Capable of handling emerging requirements from clients
    • Welcome change

1T / 1G / 1M : One Team, One Goal, One Mindset

1T / 1G / 1M essentially means that everybody is in it together to achieve the common goal. Even though our group involves various employees from different areas, we are willing to exchange knowledge and extend help to one another.

Of course, we hope to see our employees shine with their individual excellence but, first and foremost, we are team player.

Together as 'Nice' family

We promote the value of comfort, trust, and respect like which can be found in a family atmosphere in our workplace. Working with us means being a part of one big family.

Our employees came from diverse backgrounds; different expertise, different social value, nevertheless we all blend together and respect one another.

Our Team Value
Working as a part of Nice family, every employees is driven with these values

  • Passionate
  • Unified
  • Disciplined
  • Ethical
  • Innovative
  • Accountable
  • Store

  • Sewing line

  • Stand sew

  • Laminate dept

  • Cutting dept

  • Screening factory

  • Swatch

  • Lab test

  • Color testing room

  • Maintenance

  • Working space

  • Meeting room

  • Canteen

  • Recreation areas