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Social responsibility

Our policy is to sustain our integrity of being an environment friendly company and to continually support the society around us. Social responsibility for us is not only our commitment but also our pride and joy in coming up with how we can utilize our resources to better our surroundings.

We have been encouraging literally every employees regardless of positions to be socially concerned and we constantly provide different opportunities for them to act upon that shared value. Some activities involve money or appliance donation while others only require time and effort. We try to balance both so that everybody can truly participate however they see fit.

List of activities

Crisis alleviation

  • Thailand's 2011 flood

Quarterly blood donation

Support the physically challenged

  • Open job opportunity
  • Donate prosthesis leg material, money, or appliances

Child support activities

  • Support R.P.L association
  • Support child center in Pakkret
  • Support children with HIV

Community service / activitiess

  • Arrange class for employees' children during summer time : for Grade 1-3 and Grade 4-6
  • Host an annual Children day for the community
Energy control policy
  • Adopt ISO 50001 energy management system as guideline and plan to be certified by the year 2016
  • Apply TPM (total productive maintenance) program to keep efficiency of any electrical appliance employed in the company
  • Hold Kaizen internal competition on a monthly basis
  • Coordinate with King Mongkut's University of Technology Thonburi and also our clients to improve energy efficiency

Chemical control
  • Some chemical normally used in garment factory can be harmful and even lethal. We have a list of chemicals that have now been prohibited from our production line. You can find it below.
  • Give list of prohibited chemicals – including side effects

Green activities project
  • Reduce and separate trash from the community
  • Increase green space in our factories
  • Arrange reforestation program

Recycled fabric
  • Some of the fabric we use as our raw material is a product of cutting edge technology capable of incorporating used PLC bottles into the fabric. So, instead of piling up even more plastic waste on our land, we turn it into fashion items.