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Nice leadership development

As a crucial part of our succession plan, building up skills of our middle level and high level management will not only assure that our group can sustain long term growth but also assure that our people will have future along their career paths. This includes a set of programs as follows;

  • Fundamental leadership program; effective communication & motivation, analytical thinking, problem solving, and decision making.
  • Knowledge transfer program – we believe some of the deepest insight lies within, thus we encourage regular sharing sessions.
  • Mini MBA – you can acquire critical MBA knowledge from external professionals without sacrificing one whole year or two, and immediate apply your knowledge to on-going projects.

By demand training

These programs are intended to keep our organization constantly updated. This is the way to equip our people with the necessary tools to cope with the ever evolving nature of business. Examples are as follows;

  • AEC training – with the rise of AEC members (Association of Southeast Asia Nations) as a vibrant pool of opportunities, we need educate ourselves to be ready for any business potential.
  • Project management training – this is to develop the skill to handle project works and manage them trough modern tools

Kaizen champion competition

The goal is to keep our team alert and to constantly believe that there are always better ways to accomplish anything. We arrange monthly and annual competitions which always results in energetic and fun experience for participants form different divisions. And, as a way to spice things up, there're always rewards for the champions.

Activities (remind that we're one big family – have fun, team building)


Annaul Party

Children's Day

Songkran Day

Job openings

People is the most important asset to drive the Company towards sustainable competitiveness, Nice Group Holding Corp commits to each and every part of human resource management by ensuring fair recruitment and employee development process and providing fair remuneration, benefit schemes, and opportunity for career path advancement as well as fulfilling and participative working environment in order to create employees' happiness. We believe that the above factors will lead to work efficiency improvement. This also prepares high potential ones to assume key positions in the future for the continuous business expansion.

Join us World Class Sportswear Manufacturer regarding related field of experiences and education background below


    • Industrial
    • Mechanical
    • Environmental
    • Electrical
    • Energy


    • Textile/ Design
    • QA / QC
    • Maintenance
    • Sewing Operator
    • In-Line Operator


    • Production Planning
    • Supply Chain / Logistics
    • Marketing / Economics
    • Account / Finance
    • Humanities/ Safety


    • ICT / Graphic
    • IT Support
    • Developer
    • Programmer



Nice Group Holding Corp welcome students from all departments studying at any university to join us as a trainee for Internship Program, our internship programs during school terms. Throughout your time with us, you will have an opportunity to learn new things, develop new skills, and gain hands-on experience, all of which will equip you for your future careers. Trainees are encouraged to think, be creative, and learn about innovation and good governance, so that they will become a driving force behind the development of our country in the years to come.


    • 3rd year students from any department/ faculty studying at any university in Thailand who are interested in joining our Internship Program
    • Selection will be based upon Nice Group requirements


Job Title

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